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Protective foam packaging design and manufacture

Looking for Protective Foam Packaging for your Products? Look no further!

Synergy Packaging are UK leaders in the design and manufacture of protective foam packaging for all industries. We provide full design, prototype, testing and manufacture services from our offices thoughout the UK.

We shall work with you to develop the most cost effective foam packaging for your requirements. As well as design and prototyping capabilities at each of our UK sites, we also manufacture your packaging from raw materials at each of our locations. These comprehensive solutions enables us to stay in complete control… from design, through prototypes and testing to final manufacture.

Foam Packaging Prototype Design Service

Foam Packaging In-depth Analysis

We always want to know as much as possible about your product before we begin the design process. This allows us to ensure that the packaging is suitable for every stage of use. Once we understand your company and customers we will examine your products looking at; their shape, size, weight and fragility, the proposed production quantity, units per pack, the target price and delivery frequency. We then produce a packaging specification for your approval.

Wherever possible we use computers to design and make prototypes working either from your product or drawings. We make prototypes of the pack to check the fit and function of the pack before carrying out drop testing to an industry standard specification.

Protective Foam End Cap Samples

Your Complete Foam Packaging Provider

Synergy Packaging offers a huge range of packaging services and products from; protective foam packaging manufacture, packaging design, consumables, on-site packaging systems and much more. We are one of the UK leading protective packaging companies with offices across the UK in Bradford, Corby and Bristol. No matter your packaging needs, Synergy are here to help.

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