FoldyPac Nail-less Crate systems

Foldy Pac nail-less crating system

Synergy Packaging® Solutions has the exclusive rights for the distribution of the patented Foldy Pac nail-less crating system in the UK and Ireland.

The Foldy Pac nail-less crating systems durable design has been customised to hold products as light as microchips to products as heavy as aircraft engines.

The Foldy Pac nail-less crate is a tested design which performs against most transportation and handling environments problem free, the Foldy Pac nail-less crate combines durable layers of birch plywood that will withstand the effects caused by climate changes and dampness, galvanised steel clammerbands, galvanised steel profiles that will absorb shock and vibration, combined with an easy to use closure system to provide customers with a simple, durable and yet reusable nail-less crate system. The Foldy Pac nail-less crate has undergone rigorous testing and is proven to withstand even the toughest handling and shipping environments throughout the world.

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Foldy Pac crate styles:

Foldy Pac crate 3 step assembly

foldy pac step by step instructions

Foldy Pac crate clip styles

High Performance Plywood Packaging Systems

Foldy Pac crate unique design features and benefits:

  1. Replaceable closures – enabling the Foldy Pac crate to be reused multiple times.
  2. No protruding closures – means reduced risk of injury.
  3. Double contour profile and fully bevelled edge – enhancing the strength of the Foldy Crate.
  4. Extra wide lock plate – to guarantee alignment of the Foldy Crate panels, lid and base.

Above are just some of the features and benefits that make the Foldy Pac nail less plywood crating solution one of the most flexible and desirable in the market place.

  • Easy closure system
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Reusable
  • Multiple construction options
  • Optimised warehouse space
  • Ease of assembly
  • Low tare weight
  • Low volume metric weight
  • Low storage cost
  • Two separate closure systems
  • Lids stack together

The true cost of getting your product to your customers destination goes way beyond the purchase price of your inner and outer packaging materials. Synergy’s technical sales team will be happy to work with you to fully understand the true cost of your current packaging solution. We will then work in partnership with you and Foldy Pac’s designers to provide a superior solution, so as to fully optimise your operation and limit and potential damages that may be caused to your product otherwise.

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