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  • Easter Eggs Protected by Foam Packaging

    It’s now mid April and time to eat your body weight in chocolate Easter eggs. In fact the average Britain eats approximately 9.5kg of chocolate per year. But do you give any thought to how those fragile chocolate eggs get from the factory to your mouth without breaking? It’s all down to well designed and […]

  • Synergy Packaging on Twitter

    Synergy Packaging Solutions Ltd is now on Twitter. After decades of leading the way in packaging technology, we have finally decided to venture into the world of social networking. A little late we know, but better late than never. Keep up to date with all the latest Synergy Packaging news, events and projects at

  • Packaging Services in Bradford, Yorkshire

    Synergy Packaging® Solutions specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of performance foam packaging. Our services include the design and manufacture of Polyethylene, Polyurethane and Polystyrene Foam packaging. We also provide many types of on and off site packaging solutions. With multiple manufacturing sites across the UK including Bradford, West Yorkshire – we offer a […]

  • Instapak – a selection of useful videos

    Here are a few short videos you may hind helpful when trying to understand the great packaging benefits of Instapak. Sealed Air Instapak Quick RT View on YouTube Sealed Air Instapak Expanding Foam Packaging Test View on YouTube Instapak Packaging Molding Video View on YouTube

  • There’s more to Drop Testing Packaging than just Dropping!

    Despite the continuing advancements in protective packaging technology and design, the human race is yet to invent the anti gravity packaging device. Until this time drop testing is required to check the protective value of packaging. Accidents are inevitable. We are only human after all. From time to time a box containing a fragile or […]

  • Polyethylene Foam Packaging – Protect your Products

    Do you need a high performance, low cost cushioning material to protect your products? Polyethylene (PE) Foam is a perfect protective packaging material. Synergy Packaging UK specialise in a wide range of Polyethylene (PE) Foam materials for packaging. Whether you want standard foam pads for lining a box or a tailored foam solution to protect […]

  • Packaging materials supplied from our valued partners

    At Synergy Packaging we couldn’t provide our quality packaging products and services without the materials and support from our valued suppliers.We are proud of our close, long standing relationships with major packaging material suppliers. These partnerships allow us to offer you, the customer, only the best end results using quality material. Materials used to fabricate […]

  • Wishing All Synergy Packaging Customers a Happy New Year

    The team at Synergy Packaging would like to say Happy New Year to all our customers. We look forward to working with you in 2014, help to protect all your products and goods using quality designed and manufactured foam packaging. We couldn’t do this without the support of our valued supply partners. Materials we fabricate […]

  • Helping Santa keep delicate computer products protected this Christmas

    Santa and the elves are obviously extremely busy at this time of year. With an almost unlimited amount of gifts to deliver over Christmas, they will inevitably make a few mistakes. No ones perfect after all! Gifts can get dropped or banged during the delivery process. This isn’t such a big problem when the item […]

  • Our Top 5 Cost Saving Packaging Tips for Small Businesses

    TIP 1. Self Assembly Packaging Why not consider using self-assembly cartons and boxes compared to those which require tape to assemble. Self-assembly cartons eliminate the need for tape and their dispensers. This may well save on material costs and also reduces packing assembly times. TIP 2. Large diameter bubble wrap When using bubble wrap either […]

  • Foam Packaging Design, Prototyping & Samples

    Synergy Packaging has over 90 years combined experience in the design and manufacture of protective foam packaging for all industries. We will work with you to develop the most cost effective packaging for your requirements. As well as design and prototyping capabilities at each of our UK sites, we also manufacture your packaging from raw […]

  • Packaging Consumable Products by Synergy

    Our Packaging Consumables range includes: Bubble wrap Packaging foam rolls Packaging Tape Polythene Bags and films Postal Mailers (Jiffy Bags, Mail-Lites) Documents Enclosed Pouches Strapping Stretchwrap Adhesives and Hot Melt Glues Loose Fill Watch Our 30 second packaging consumables video Watch 30 second Packaging Consumables video on Synergy Packaging YouTube Channel.