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  • Looking for Bespoke Foam Packaging with a wide range of materials?

    We are proud to offer our clients a wide range of materials to meet their packaging needs. This include PE, PU and EPS. If you are looking for a bespoke foam packaging solution, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s find out a little about us… Synergy Packaging are a leading designer and manufacturer foam […]

  • Large Volume Foam Packaging Manufactures in the UK

    At Synergy Packaging® Solutions we specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of performance foam packaging solutions, such as foam inserts, foam fittings and foam end-caps. Our UK based team can meet your large volume packaging manufacturing needed. With multiple manufacturing sites across the UK and key partners further afield, we offer a local service, […]

  • Performance Packaging solutions with full in-house design and prototyping services

    Synergy Packaging are one of the UKs leading specialist packaging companies. We offer full in-house design and prototyping facilities to create new packaging solutions quickly and cost effectively. We provide a comprehensive range of packing solutions for all industries and products. Whether you need help specifying protective packaging to meet your unique requirements or a […]

  • Examples of Foam Packaging Prototypes

    Synergy Packaging® specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of performance foam packaging solutions. We have multiple manufacturing sites across the UK, which helps us to provide the on-hand support and flexibility needed in today’s fast paced manufacturing environment. Also, as one of the largest foam fabrication companies in the UK, we are able to […]

  • Samples of Protective Polyethylene (PE) Foam Packaging

    Synergy Packaging are leading UK experts in the design and manufacture of Protective Polyethylene (PE) Foam Packaging. We have designed thousands of items for the full spectrum of products and industries including domestic appliances, automotive, medical and precision engineering. We offer a free design service with all packaging manufacture. Contact us today to find out […]

  • A few examples of recent foam end caps

    Synergy Packaging are leading UK experts in the design and manufacture of protective foam end and corner caps. Over the years we have designed  thousands of different foam end caps for a wide range of UK businesses. Our end and corner caps are used in almost every possible packing application including; Electrical, Medical, Precision Engineering, […]

  • Instapak® – A Perfect Packaging Solution for Online Retailers

    What is Instapak®? Instapak® is a fast, easy and versatile process for on-line, on-site production of protective polyurethane foam packages. Instapak® Foam-In-Place Systems Hand held line of foam packaging machines that feature electric metering pumps and self diagnostic controls to ensure top-quality Instapak® packaging. Instapak® Molding Equipment Instapak® foam-in-bag molding systems create molded cushions for […]

  • Discover our Environmentally Friendly Foam Packaging Solutions

    We pride ourselves on a very simple principle, ‘to design and manufacture the correct packaging for the job whilst minimising waste and encouraging re-usability whenever possible’. With increasing government and public pressure to reduce the environmental impact of packaging we can provide our customers the options to reduce waste and utilise environmentally friendly material. The […]

  • Synergy Packaging – Your Complete Foam Packaging Provider in the UK

    Looking for Protective Foam Packaging for your Products? Look no further! Synergy Packaging are UK leaders in the design and manufacture of protective foam packaging for all industries. We provide full design, prototype, testing and manufacture services from our offices thoughout the UK. We shall work with you to develop the most cost effective foam […]

  • Happy New Year from Synergy Packaging

    We would like to wish all Synergy Packaging customers a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2017 on your next protective foam packaging project. Browse our range of performance packing services at

  • Put our Foam Packaging Designers to the test!

    Our protective foam packaging designers are ready and awaiting your design challenges. We love finding creative solution for your packaging needs. Whether you need protective foam end caps, hinged packs, jigsaw pack or something completely different – our designs will find the perfect solution. FREE FOAM PACKAGING DESIGN SERVICE