Large Volume Foam Packaging Manufactures in the UK

At Synergy Packaging® Solutions we specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of performance foam packaging solutions, such as foam inserts, foam fittings and foam end-caps. Our UK based team can meet your large volume packaging manufacturing needed.

With multiple manufacturing sites across the UK and key partners further afield, we offer a local service, nationwide. Contact our expert packaging team today to discuss you needed.

Whether you need help in specifying protective packaging to meet your latest product or a re-design of an existing pack, Synergy offers a complete service from start to finish. Our service ranges from packaging consultancy to design, conversion and manufacture. Our local expert will be happy to assess your needs and offer you the best packaging solution that meets your criteria. We offer a high quality service with customer satisfaction being our number one goal.

Polyethylene (PE) packaging prototype services

Packaging for Domestic & Commercial Appliances

Die cut Precision Engineered Parts Packaging

foam packaging for automotive and aerospace

Packaging for the medical industry

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