Instapak® – A Perfect Packaging Solution for Online Retailers

What is Instapak®?

Instapak® is a fast, easy and versatile process for on-line, on-site production of protective polyurethane foam packages.

Instapak packaging UK suppliers and sales

Instapak® Foam-In-Place Systems

Hand held line of foam packaging machines that feature electric metering pumps and self diagnostic controls to ensure top-quality Instapak® packaging.

Instapak® Molding Equipment

Instapak® foam-in-bag molding systems create molded cushions for products that require a consistent, precise fit and superior product protection for either high or low volume needs.

Instapak® Foam-In-Bag Systems

Expandable Foam-filled bags can be created in a variety of sizes to be used for void fill, cushioning, blocking and bracing and molded cushions.

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