Examples of Foam Packaging Prototypes

Polyethylene (PE) packaging prototype services

Synergy Packaging® specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of performance foam packaging solutions. We have multiple manufacturing sites across the UK, which helps us to provide the on-hand support and flexibility needed in today’s fast paced manufacturing environment. Also, as one of the largest foam fabrication companies in the UK, we are able to offer the value, expertise and service your business needs.

Whether you need help in specifying protective packaging to meet your latest requirements or a re-design for an existing product, Synergy offers the complete package. We have an experienced team of technical sales professionals who will be only too happy to assess your needs and offer you the most cost effective solution to meet your criteria.

Protective Foam Packaging Design and Prototypes

Our experienced technical sales team and designers have over 90 years combined experience in packaging design and specification.

We work with you to develop the most cost effective packaging for your requirements. As well as design and sampling capabilities at each of our sites, we work closely with our raw material suppliers to develop and test the proposed solution to ensure we are able to meet all your requirements.

We fully understand the importance of creating and refining prototypes prior to the manufacture of the final packaging run. We have knowledge, experience and equipment to create accurate packaging prototypes for your product. Below are some recent examples of prototypes designed and produced by Synergy Packaging.

A selection of Polyethylene Foam Packaging Prototypes

Free Foam Packaging Prototype Quotes and Consultations

Contact our experts on 0800 228 9883 with any questions and enquiries. We have offices across the UK so you are never far away from our packaging experts.

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