Environmentally Friendly Foam Packaging

go green with synergy packaging

At Synergy Packaging® Solutions, we pride ourselves on our conscious efforts to be environmentally aware, so that future generations can enjoy what we have. During the design process we look at achieving the maximum performance whilst using the minimum amount of material required, providing the ultimate solution while minimising the impact.

For economic as well as environmental reasons we strive to ensure that our conversion processes use the minimum amount of energy. By doing so, we can be sure that we are not causing any unnecessary harm to our environment.

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What happens to our process waste?

Lets take a look at the 3 waste types we produce:

Polyethylene (LDPE) foamPolyethylene (LDPE) foam also known as Stratocell, Ethafoam, Jiffy foam , Nopaplank, Jiffycell etc. Any waste or discarded material is returned to the manufacturer where it is shredded, reverse extruded and returned back into an LDPE pellet. This pellet is then used in the manufacture of more Polyethylene foam, bubble wrap or any other LDPE product.
Polyurethane (PU) foamPolyurethane (PU) foam, is a soft, open cell foam which can be found in seats, mattresses, and is also used for a range of packaging applications. Any waste or discarded material is returned to the manufacturer where it is bonded and compressed to form chip foam blocks for packaging or high performance carpet underlay.
resy corrugated boardCorrugated board, as with most paper based domestic waste, any waste or discarded material is separated from any other waste and collected for recycling.

Synergy Foam Return Programme

As we have the infrastructure in place with all our main raw material suppliers to close the loop on the process waste we generate, we asked ourselves -“why not extend this facility to our customers? We currently operate a foam return programme with a number of companies we supply packaging to. We are happy to extend this facility in any instance where there is a positive environment impact by doing so.

If you would like to discuss how this programme might help you improve your companies environmental profile, please give us a call on 0800 228 9883.