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We pride ourselves on a very simple principle, ‘to design and manufacture the correct packaging for the job whilst minimising waste and encouraging re-usability whenever possible’.

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With increasing government and public pressure to reduce the environmental impact of packaging we can provide our customers the options to reduce waste and utilise environmentally friendly material.

The benefits of reducing packaging waste are huge in terms of reducing the impact on our planet. Using intelligent design to create your packaging, we can dramatically reduce the volume of materials needed to protect your products.

The benefits of reduced packaging waste

  • Less material reduces the amount of paper, card, foam and plastics needed
  • Less material often means a reduction in packaging volume. This in turn reduces carbon emissions during transportation. Imagine having the ability to fit 20% more units on a pallet due to the reduction in packaging size. Over a large order you may need one less HGV journey.

All of the above benefits will not only reduce the impact on the planet, they also reduce the impact on your pocket. Synergy Packaging aim to save you money at every stage. We also offer a free packaging design and testing service.

go green with synergy

Synergy Packaging strive to ensure that our conversion processes use the minimum amount of energy possible. By doing so, we can be sure that we are not causing any unnecessary harm to our environment. This also helps to reduce our costs – a saving we pass on to you. This has helped to make us one of the leading suppliers of environmentally friendly protective packaging in the UK.

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