Die Cut Packaging to Fit Your Product

die cut foam packaging

Are you looking for complex foam packaging with a very specific design. Yes, then our die cut packaging solutions for perfect for you. Die cut foam can have unique styles, thicknesses and shapes tailor made to your specific needs. We understand every product is different and therefore the packaging needs to be bespoke. We are experts in custom die cut foam packaging… from design to manufacture through to delivery.

Synergy Packaging provides die cut foam in custom shapes and configurations for a broad range of industries. We are UK leaders in die cut foam design and manufacture. Many substrates are available in both closed cell and open cell configurations. No two products are the same and always offer the correct foam solution to meet your specific requirements.

With Synergy Packaging supplying your die cut foam, you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  • Free design service
  • Decrease in manufacturing costs
  • More time to focus on other production areas
  • Delivery of ready to use foam components
  • Elimination of rework and scrap costs
  • Reduction of damage goods due to correctly designed protective packaging
  • 100% usable die cut foam parts
  • No production bottlenecks on large foam parts orders
  • Machinery and maintenance costs reduced
  • Ongoing support and a great customer service.

Bespoke Die Cut form packaging for electricals

Our expert team will make sure your die cut foam packaging is economically efficient, product protective and reliable. Want to know more? Contact our expert team to discuss your next project.

We have manufacturing sites in Bradford, Corby and Bristol. Call us today on 0800 2289883 to arrange a free quote.

Synergy Packaging UK Office Map

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