Benefits of Foam Case Insert Packaging

5 key reasons why foam case inserts can impact your business profitability

  • Reduced stock wastage due to items being unfit for sale
  • Reduction in replacement items due to damaged goods being returned
  • Reduced customer returns also reduces admin costs associated with processing returned goods
  • Increased brand reputation by significantly limiting damaged goods during transit. This in turn increases customer loyalty and ongoing sales
  • Calculating the correct performance of the foam (thickness, material, density, design) ensures packaging inserts are fully optimised for damage reduction. Thus influencing storage space, distribution requirements and packing admin time.

Foam Case Inserts designed to eliminate damage

The majority of foam converters, when faced with the challenge of protecting delicate items, will mistakenly compromise the solution by including much more foam than is required. More foam is always better, right? Wrong! The type of foam, the design of the inserts and the outer container is far more important. Adding excessive foam is counter productive in that it costs more in materials, requires more storage space and can actually reduce protection.

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Examples of Foam Case Inserts

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