Precision Engineered Parts Packaging

Die cut Precision Engineered Parts Packaging

Custom Foam Packaging  for Precision Engineered Parts

Synergy specialise in the design and manufacture of protective packaging for precision engineered parts and components.

Die Cut Foam Packaging

Custom Die Cut foam packaging will allow your precision engineered items to be fully protected during storage, distribution, sale and use. These Die Cut Packs will precisely fit the contents ensuring they remain protected and secure.

die cut foam packaging

Foam Carrying Cases

Protective carry cases can be designed and manufactured for all items. Carry cases not only add an additional layer or protection for your engineered part but also provide an attractive and comfortable method for transporting.

Packaging Testing

We also offer full testing services to ensure your products are fully protected. All our packing is of the highest quality but this extra service can provide additional protection when items are particularly valuable or fragile.

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