Electronics & Communications Packaging

Synergy Packaging specialise in the design and manufacture of protective foam packaging for computer, electronics and IT based products. Over the past 15 years we have produce packaging to protect a wide range of goods including: PCs, scientific equipment, screens, monitors, circuit boards and much more.

Computer based products are often expensive and fragile. It is very important that these products are protected during delivery, storage and sale. Synergy can help. Our expertise gained over 15 years experience not only protects your products to the highest standard but also saves you money. We understand how to reduce packaging size whilst preserving protective qualities. This saves material and distribution costs.

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Die Cut Foam Packaging

die cut foam packaging

Profiled foam

Die Cut Fabricated Packs for Electronics

Custom Die Cut foam packaging will allow small, fragile and expensive computer items to be fully protected during storage, distribution and sale. These packs will exactly and securely contains components within a three dimensional cushion.

Profiled Foam Packaging for Electronics

Conventional Polyethylene foam end caps and protective packs are made by die cutting the component parts and then heat bonding them together a form a 3 dimensional protective cushion.


Foam End Caps for Computers & Electronics

Protective Foam end caps are the simplest, easiest and most cost effective way to protect fragile computer and electronic equipment products against shock & vibration damage. The versatility, performance and cost of these protective foams (materials include Ethafoam and Stratocell), is a perfect solutions for manufacturers of electrical equipment.

Benefits of Foam End Caps and Foam Cushion Packaging

  • Cost effective cushion packaging
  • Ethafoam and Stratocall foams available
  • Exceptional protection, particularly for high value electronics
  • Non abrasive material
  • Allows for flexible designs. Customisable through construction and materials
  • Fire retardant and anti static
  • Recycled foam materials available

Custom Protective Packaging Design

Synergy Packaging will work with you to develop the most cost effective electronics protective packaging for your products. With over 15 years experience we know everything about foam packaging. As well as design and sampling capabilities at each of our three UK sites, we work closely with raw material suppliers to develop and test the proposed solution to ensure we are able to meet all your requirements. Click here to find out more about our design services.

Protective Foam Packing for Computers

Packaging Consumables available

Although our main focus at Synergy is to Design, Create and Deliver bespoke packaging to our customers, we also recognise that it is important to provide a single source for all your packaging needs. We hold a wide range of consumable products at each of our 3 sites and have access through our key suppliers to anything else you might need.

Our Packaging Consumables range includes:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging foam rolls
  • Packaging Tape
  • Polythene Bags and films
  • Postal Mailers (Jiffy Bags, Mail-Lites)
  • Documents Enclosed Pouches
  • Strapping
  • Stretchwrap
  • Adhesives and Hot Melt Glues
  • Loose Fill

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